How do I get the best seats to a game?

I am going to discuss something that falls specifically under the umbrella of being a smart fan, but won’t necessarily help you save you any money. A lot of of us watch baseball games from the upper deck, which in the present day stadium isn’t usually a bad encounter. I have discovered that many stadiums have improved sights of the surrounding skylines and scenery from the “cheap seats.”

Regrettably, one of the downsides of sitting in the upper deck (in most situations) is the continuous flow of pedestrians obstructing your view. Honestly the same is true for field level in many cases, especially when the sections have 50+ rows with about 30 seats per row – do the numbers. I guess my request to you, as a fellow baseball fan, is to wait until the middle or end of an inning before entering or exiting your seat. I doubt my words will make much of a difference, so I digress. Knowing the fact that at most ballparks, a large portion of the fans have almost no idea that a baseball game is occurring in their presence; you should plan accordingly.

Here are my guidelines for not letting unaware, constantly late, overactive bladder suffering fans damage your next baseball game:

1. Sit down Behind The Plate

When sitting in the upper deck, there is more than one advantage to sitting in the area right behind home plate. Imagine that you are right behind the plate it will be difficult for people in the aisles to hinder your view of the action. This is especially true if you are sitting in the middle of the row. While upper deck seats behind the plate are traditionally a few bucks more than there down the line alternatives, I would contend that it is worth it in most cases.
2. Stay away from aisle seats closest to the plate

Imagine you are sitting on any level, in between first base and the right fielder. If you get aisle seats nearest to first base in that section, you will have an constant flow of visitors in your face for the greater part of the game. Up until the 4th inning it will be confused fans and an accompanying usher assisting them find there seats because they have just arrived. Beginning in the 6th you will see people head for the house no matter what the score. Combine that with restroom and concession trips along with vendors and you have missed 50 percent the game. (Let me note that this hasn’t been my experience at every stadium. Stadiums with a high level of intensity and a track record for well-informed fans do not have this problem nearly to the same degree.)

In my example above, a superior choice is to ask for aisle seats on the side of the row nearer to right field. You will still have people walking by you, but this time they will be on your right and the infield will be to your left. God help you if a ball gets hit to the right field corner, but at minimum you have a generally clear view of the infield where most of the activity happens.

Learn more about baseball tickets here

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Food at the ballpark

I think adoring ballpark food should be a precondition for American citizenship. There is just something about it. Unfortunately, for the working shleps like you and me, the prices are typically excessive.

I am the kind of person who likes to go to as many baseball games as possible, but I nearly always go on the cheap. One spot where you can really save cash going to a baseball game is on the food. I am surprised by the number of people who see me bring my own treats to the game and say “I didn’t know you could bring that.” Well in most stadiums you are permitted to bring in some mixture of food and drinks.

If that is the case at your local ballpark, you are not a hostage audience so pick up supper to go and take it in with you for a real world cost.

I will also talk about as an choice for sitting down to dinner before a game. This will help save you all kinds of money and in most cases there are participating eateries very close to the stadium.

I started this off by speaking about our love affair with ballpark food, so it would be assinine to not talk about value inside the stadium.

Often there are signature items that you just can’t pass up, no matter what the cost. That is true particularly if you are from out of town and may never have the chance again. The excellent thing with ballpark food is that it has a regional flair almost everywhere you go. I will spend a little bit of time talking about the can’t miss trademark items, but my main emphasis will be on the best bang for your buck on meals in the stadium. That is a little more in line with the objective of this site – helping you spend smartly at a baseball game.

One thing that some teams have launched in the last few years are “all you can eat seats.” Generally this comes with the standard ballpark fare, but if you really feel like gorging yourself – you should truly be excited about that.

Here is a great place to learn more about ballpark food.

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